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Get out in the sea breeze and fresh air on our collaborative group beach bike experience that seats up to 17 people on one bike. Meet, chat and join in the fun as we cycle together along the golden sands, seafront and beautiful coastal paths on our unique experience.

The BoRo Beach Bike seats up to 17 people: ten pedallers who propel the bike, with two non-pedallers above the rear wheels, three seated at the back (for disabled, children or those that cannot cycle) and two seats next to the driver for children.

"Great adventure, made new friends, had lots of laughs and a pretty good workout too. Highly recommend this company with lots of innovative ideas and great staff." Denise Blaskett. See more reviews

A driver at the front steers, signals and brakes on behalf of the group, as well as provides entertaining commentary, games and activities to get you talking, collaborating and making friends. We cycle as a whole, harnessing the group’s energy to make the bike move. There is an electric motor to assist if necessary!

When it rains, plastic water-proofing awning extends from the roof to the base of each saddle, meaning each seat is enclosed from the elements Each padded seat is adjustable for height and there is storage facilities for small bags.

There is a screen for videos and presentations and discreet speakers for on-board music which you can bring along and plug in.

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Most of our rides lasts for 60 minutes and goes along the seafront with spectacular views of the sea, beach and coastlines. Each ride’s halfway point is at a café where you can stop for a hot drink, food or to use the facilities. We also sell CanO Water on the BoRo Beach Bike - still or sparking water in recycled, recyclable and resealable aluminium cans in an effort to reduce the plastics on the beach.

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There are many different rides to choose from. Our Beachfront ride takes in the sights and views of the seafront, whilst themed rides can take the shape of afternoon tea, fitness classes and even speed dating! Our fully trained driver will be on-hand to make your experience as fun and memorable as possible. Keep an eye on Our Rides section of the website and social media channels for up to date information.

And if you have a great idea for a themed ride, or would like to hire the BoRo Beach Bike for your group, please get in touch at

Each rider must sign our waiver prior to boarding the BoRo Beach Bike and we ask every rider to be considerate to our riders and non-riders along the sea front.

More information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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