Every rider MUST agree to the following terms and conditions of riding the BoRo Beach Bike by filling in their details below.

If you are booking for a group, this link will be emailed to each participant. We would appreciate filling in the below waiver BEFORE arriving to speed up your departure on the day. The operator will have a record of those who have signed it.

Before taking part in a ride on our BoRo Beach Bikes it's important that you read and accept our Terms of Use Policy so we can all enjoy the ride in comfort and safety.

Key Points of the Terms of Use Policy:

  • Alcohol, smoking (including e-cigarettes), hot drinks and chewing gum are not permitted on the BoRo Beach Bike
  • Dress appropriately to ride the BoRo Beach Bike - top, shorts and closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) must be worn at all times
  • Any physical or verbal abuse of a Staff member or a member of the public will not be tolerated and we will prosecute to the greatest extent of the law
  • No abusive language or aggressive behaviour (such as catcalling or wolf whistling) to fellow riders or members of the public
  • Stay on the BoRo Beach Bike until it is at a complete stop and the Operator has told you it is safe to disembark
  • Keep arms and legs inside the BoRo Beach Bike at all times
  • No glass is allowed on the BoRo Beach Bike to preserve the environment we are operating in
  • Anybody suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to ride and no refunds given.
  • All pedallers must be in a reasonable fit and healthy condition to pedal. Riding is entirely at your own risk.

Read the full version of our Terms of Use

Every rider MUST agree to the Terms of Use using the form below. Parents or guardians of children over 5 must fill in this form on their behalf, using the child's first and last name.

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